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A New Honor For a New Era

Engagement is more business critical and challenging than ever. Connecting with the modern fan is no easy feat—and it's time the industry’s best and brightest get the recognition they deserve on the industry’s biggest stage.

Enter The Hashtag Sports Awards, which will set the benchmark for effective engagement and take place at our annual conference in New York City, where more than 120 expert speakers and 1,200 attendees gather to learn, network, and celebrate the future of fan engagement.

Why Enter?

Winning at Hashtag Sports places you among the engagement elite. It will mean you've created game-changing work that delivered results and set new benchmarks for effective engagement.

Winning means industry-wide exposure, new business, and more opportunities. Entering helps raise your company's engagement bar to new levels and future-proofs you for the next generation of fans and consumers.

Entry Cost: $250*
*Multiple entries are discounted


The Engagement Academy

The winners of The Hashtag Sports Awards will be selected by The Engagement Academy of Sports & Entertainment. Comprised of industry leaders and engagement experts across the global sports media and marketing ecosystem, the Academy will play a vital role in shaping the future of sports content and experiences.

Featured members include:

More academy members to be announced soon.